Monday, February 4, 2008

As Seen On TV

Most of my favourite television shows tend to be those that were originally based on picture books or book series. Why? It's not just book snobbery. The fact is that books are designed for narrative, and the shows follow the same pattern set out by the books. They may be formulaic, they may be repetitive, but they are still based on a narrative structure intended for young children.

Shows created from scratch to entertain or educate preschoolers, on the flip side, are based on certain goals, and always feel a little contrived to me. Somehow, if there even is narrative flow, it is constantly interrupted by other aims, and the narratives never feel natural.

The nice thing is that if your child does watch television, you can bring some of his or her favourite characters to story hour, and nestle them among the other great books you might be reading. Especially for a child who is not naturally very drawn in reading, this can help create what we call "print motivation," or an interest and desire for reading books, by helping make books familiar and tapping into things s/he already likes. (I will say this, though - I am a total snob about books based on TV shows - the quality tends to be very poor, and aimed at marketing rather than narrative. I am a bit of a snob, after all!)

Here are some books that inspired shows we have watched over the last year or two:

Max & Ruby - books by Rosemary Wells

Timothy's School Days - books by Rosemary Wells

Franklin - books by Paulette Bourgeois

Arthur - books by Marc T. Brown

Curious George - books by H.A Rey and Margaret Rey

Rolie Polie Olie - book by William Joyce

George Shrinks - book by William Joyce

Little Princess - books by Tony Ross

The Mole Sisters - books by Roslyn Schwartz

Thomas the Tank Engine - books by Rev. Awdry or Christopher Awdry

Little Miss Spider - books by David Kirk

Clifford, the Big Red Dog - books by Norman Bridwell

Kipper - books by Mick Inkpen

Madeline - books by Ludwig Bemelmans

Dragon - books by Dav Pilkey

Find these and lots more off-tube tales at your local public library!

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