Sunday, June 14, 2009


This past week, the decision was made to stop publishing on Better Than a Playdate - that is, all columns, not just Pick of the Litter. Because it's a project that I enjoy and the lists are ones I use for my work at times, I've decided to recreate the column here, on a site of my own. Everything posted before today was found first on either Playdate or the earlier site MommyBlogsToronto, which I think is important to say because I have so enjoyed being a part of those projects.

As far as this site is concerned, having no schedule to hold to now means my posts will be less regular, to be sure, and less frequent, but I plan to continue posting as I have ideas and time to fill them out a bit. It also means that I may be slightly less rigorous - I have always felt I needed at least 4 good titles to make an idea worth posting, but I may, here, sometimes post with less if it's something I would like to put out there or titles that I think go well together.

I hope that if you were a reader on Playdate, you will continue to enjoy the lists here, as well.