Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Witches Are Coming! The Witches Are Coming!

Hallowe'en is closing in fast this year, and it seems even faster than usual, with the unseasonably mild weather. So rather than let it sneak up on me (and you) entirely, I'm giving you a week's head start on it! And rather than fiddle with loading pictures and Odeo players here (which, frankly, took me so long to get all together and working at the same time last year, I refuse to try again, sorry), I'm giving you a link to my list, chez Life of 'Pie, of favourite Hallowe'en stories for the young.

These Picks from the Pumpkin Patch, which include me reading two of the stories, are mostly quite gentle and younger-child-appropriate, but I've noted the two that I think are better for somewhat older kids. Enjoy, and happy spooking!

Originally posted on MommyBlogsToronto/Better Than a Playdate.

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