Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Twin Titles

Twins - are triplets, for that matter - are on the rise. Yes, there are more of us that are having, well, more of us. And I've found a few cute books about the joys of having more (at once).

Dee and Bee, by Robin Isabel Ahrens, ill. Amanda Haley

These twin girls like to play tricks by switching identities, and fool people throughout the day in harmless ways. A fun frolic à deux.

Twin to Twin, by Margaret O'Hair, ill. Thierry Courtin

A cute rhyming romp through the twin joys and double trouble of having two at once.

Jack and Jake, by Aliki

Through the years, people are always confusing these twins, exasperating their older sister. Even when the boys try to make themselves look different, people get confused. But their sister knows their personalities, and emphasizes that "Jack does thing and says things that only Jack could" and vice versa. A nice reinforcement of the notion that although twins certainly share many things, they are each their own person.

Sweet Jasmine, Nice Jackson, by Robie H. Harris, ill. Michael Emberley

The terrific team behind such older-kid non-fiction titles as It's So Amazing (about birthing babies) and It's Perfectly Normal (about puberty and sex) turn their attention to "What It's Like To Be 2 - And To Be Twins!" This book is also definitely aimed at an older audience - it's a long story with lots of little sidebars about toddler behaviour - and walks through the highs and lows (tantrums, potties, big beds, questions, and so on) of this pair's year until they turn three. It's certainly a nice introduction to toddlers, though, either single or twin, for an older child, especially one with younger kids about.

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